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How to arrive right in accordance with the winter wind forecast in Hurghada?

Seemingly, why would you need this? Hurghada in winter, the wind is cool, not ideal for swimming or sunbathing, but there is one reason. It is the closest place on Earth where you can learn kiteboarding in winter. The water in the Red Sea does not drop below 20 degrees, ranging from +20 to +25 during the day. Overall, the winter weather in Hurghada resembles a sunny version of a summer in Northern Europe. The winter wind in Hurghada is chilly, so a wetsuit is necessary. If you don't have one, it is provided for free at the kiteboarding station during lessons.

The winter wind usually comes in batches of 5-7 days. You can plan your trip in a way that guarantees the required number of kiteboarding days. If you have the opportunity to buy tickets a week before the flight, look for several consecutive windless days, followed by a windy end of the week in the forecast ( Specifically in this forecast, look for any color of the bars except blue. After a few windless days, the air and water will warm up, making the learning conditions more comfortable. Catching the first windy day after the calm period is a special delight.

Each subsequent windy day will cool the weather by approximately one degree. In the peak of the African cold in winter months, it's around +20 during the day and +10 at night. Flight tickets to Hurghada a week before the flight are reasonably cheap. You can stay right at the station or book a nearest hotel.

If you plan in advance, you can check the weather forecast up to a month ahead. This possibility is provided only by Gismeteo. The forecast for our area is here - ( They don't show the wind, but indicate the temperature. Use it to choose your arrival date, to arrive on the warmest day. A sudden drop indicates the first windy day. For acclimatization, you can arrive a couple of days before the temperature drops. The nearest good hotel to us is Three Corners Sunny Beach. They offer excellent service and a large heated outdoor pool.

Pictures are taken at our location in Royal Beach.

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