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Assistant Training Course IKO

The 5-day professional assistant course is the first professional step in the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and the starting point for becoming an instructor.

Detailed information and registration for the course at the link

26.09 to 30.09.2023

20.11 - 24.11.2023


-Assistant training courses

Course title: IKO Assistant.

The course is conducted by: Ivan Gavrilov - IKO Assistant trainer.

Location: IKO Kite Center Playkite, Egypt.

Duration: 5 days - 40 hours


September 26 - 30.

November 20 - 24

ATC is the first professional level in kiteboarding.

This course is designed for independent kitesurfers who want to improve their skills or turn kitesurfing into a career. Teaching the fundamental basis of kitesurfing and utilizing professional skills in teaching. The ATC course will prepare you to work as an Assistant Instructor in one of the international IKO centers around the world.

The course consists of practical and theoretical sessions

Practical :

Basic training principles and safety techniques


Skating skills

Self-rescue, self-landing and self-launching techniques

Theory :

- wind

- kite flying theory

- aerodynamics

- meteorology

- water rules

- international kitesurfing signs

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