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Time's more fun when you're flying!

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Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada: this is the place on Earth to start your way in kiteboarding!

The wind blows here 270 days a year, so you can do it any time of the year, all year round. Spacious, shallow lagoons, safe for beginners, with clear and warm Red Sea waters are here for you!

Sign up for a kitesurfing lesson with a personal teacher at Playkite Watersports Kite School Egypt!

You are always welcome here! 

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Special offer 2024

Kite course + Room

At unbeatable price!


1 hour - 60 USD

Try any time from 9:00 to 17:00

We guarantee all equipment*, qualified teacher, impressions, new skills in sailing, protection from stupid mistakes in kitesurfing for life!
Bring your friends with you! Classes in a group come with a discount. The bigger the group - the bigger is the discount.
Two people with one instructor is 39 USD per person!

Photo session 15 USD only! 

* water shoes are not included



3-4 days course - 310 USD (14% discount)

Learn to kite surf in 6 hours with a private instructor

 Do you love sports and adventure? Do you want to master the wind and the waves? Then this course is for you!

 This course includes:

- A complete set of necessary equipment (kite, board, wetsuit, helmet, harness)

- 6 hours of kite lessons with a certified instructor

- Unlimited use of the training equipment on the course days

- 25% discount on equipment rental and IKO registration after completing the course

 This course is suitable for beginners or intermediate kiters who want to improve their skills. If you have experience in wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding, or winter kiteboarding, you already have some boarding skills. You just need to learn how to control the kite and the wind.

 If you have started to learn kite surfing somewhere else, but did not achieve the results you wanted, this course is exactly what you need. We will evaluate your level and tailor the lessons to your needs.

 This course lasts for 3-4 days. Each day, you will have a morning session with an instructor for 1.5 hours, followed by a short rest and independent practice on the water. The lagoon is very safe and ideal for learning. Our kite school is using walkie-talkies for better communication with beginners.

 If you overestimate your ability to learn kite surfing quickly, you can pay the difference up to a 10-hour course and continue learning.

 Don't miss this opportunity to learn one of the most exciting sports in the world. Book your course today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!



5-6 days course - 490 USD (18% discount)

Ten hours of kiteboarding lessons with a personal instructor

You will get a full set of necessary equipment (kite, board, wetsuit, helmet, harness) for the duration of the course, which is 5-6 days. It is suitable for beginners who have no experience in kiteboarding. You will learn how to kite safely and confidently in various conditions.

The course consists of three main stages:

 • First, you will learn how to control a kite.

 • Second, you will learn how to generate power with the kite and how to use it to move across the water.

 • Third, you will combine these skills with board control and start making your first rides.

Each stage usually takes one day or two hours of instructor-led training. You will also have unlimited access to the equipment on the days of the course so that you can practice on your own after the sessions with the instructor.

The uniqueness of our offer is that, unlike other kite schools, we give you the opportunity to practice without time limits. Approximately on the second or third day (after you have mastered the basics), you will be able to use unlimited rental on the days of classes to practice the acquired skills on your own, after sessions with a kite instructor.

After completing the course, you will receive a 50% discount on equipment rental and IKO registration.

All beginners get IKO certificate for free!

logo of international kiteboarding organization 2
logo of international kiteboarding organization


Full set (kite, board, harness)

  • 2 hours - 50 USD

  • 1 day - 75 USD

  • 4 days - 260 USD (12% discount)

  • 7 days - 350 USD (33% discount)

  • 10 days - 450 USD (40% discount)

  • 14 days - 535 USD (50 % discount)

Kite only (kite, harness)

  • 2 hours - 40 USD

  • 1 day - 60 USD

  • 4 days - 210 USD (12% discount)

  • 7 days - 280 USD (33% discount)

  • 10 days - 360 USD (40% discount)

  • 14 days - 420 USD (50% discount)

Board only (board, harness)

  • 2 hours - 20 USD

  • 1 day - 30 USD

  • 4 days - 100 USD (16% discount)

  • 7 days - 140 USD (33% discount)

  • 10 days - 180 USD (40$ discount)

  • 14 days - 210 USD (50% discount)

PRO Rentals (top shelf kite and board, Edge, XR)

  • 2 hours - 70 USD

  • 1 day - 100 USD

  • 4 days - 350 USD (12% discount)

  • 7 days - 490 USD (30% discount)

  • 10 days - 670 USD (33% discount)

  • 14 days - 900 USD (35% discount)

  • Excellent wind statistics. The wind blows here 270 days a year

  • The largest and safest lagoon on the Red Sea

  • Good equipment for any wind conditions

  • Delicious and healthy food

  • Good and friendly people in chillout

  • Good prices.

  • Big experience! Teaching kids and adults since 2003

  • Live music and great parties

  • Unique atmosphere

  • We respect your time and eager to help you to get into kiteboarding

Kite spot diagram

the map of our kite spot

About us

 Playkite Watersports kite school has been helping people to learn kite surfing safely since 2003. Many kite schools in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Europe were founded by our former students.


 We are not chasing the wind around the world. The wind blows here all year round. The station, during its work in Egypt, never went on vacation or weekends.

Beginner-friendly atmosphere rules at Playkite. You will dive into the kite surf culture and meet the pioneers of the sport. An evening chill-out in the company of experienced riders and travellers will replace months of training or searching.


 Our water area is a natural phenomenon that features two square kilometers of shallow water with a clean bottom. Wind statistics - 270 windy days a year. The coastline location relative to the wind rose is so that the wind can not carry you away to the open sea.

 Unlike other shallow lagoons in Egypt, ours does not have a coral edge at the border of deep water. The lagoon is safe and suitable for kiting even at low tide.

 Egypt’s record for high jump with a kite (Woosports) is set here. It is the perfect kite spot. Beginners learn quickly and experienced kiteboarders progress rapidly in kiteboarding.

The second location is inside the residential area of Hurghada at a compound called “Royal Beach Hurghada”.

Where to sleep?

Right at the Kite station

 Living right at the kite station on a huge kite spot.
For true connoisseurs, and those who want to dive into kite surfing - ride from dawn to dusk, party until you drop.

 The station has comfortable accommodation. 5 air-conditioned rooms with large beds and en suite bathrooms. Great homemade food (thanks to the super experienced chief), professional coffee machine, great sea view from balconies and roof terrace, PlayStation.

​ Beach usage and storage are included in the price of the room.

Single room - 30 USD per night

Double (or more in one room) - 40 USD per night

Long-term discounts! Please contact us for an offer.

Timba Lounge (Special Offer!)

 Just 5 minutes walking or 3 min running from the station. A small and charming compound with double or single rooms and swimming pool at unbeatable rates! 

6-7 days beginner kite course +10 nights single room at Timba Lounge with breakfasts included - 650 USD (+100 USD with dinner) 

3-4 days beginner course +10 nights single room at Timba Lounge with breakfasts included - 480 USD (+100 USD with dinner)

7 days full kite equipment set +10 nights single room at Timba Lounge with breakfasts - 500 USD (+100 USD with dinner)


Customers with their own equipment will be charged for beach usage and storage.

​1 day - 10 USD

1 week - 50 USD

2 weeks - 90 USD (35% discount)

1 month - 150 USD (50 % discount)

3 months and more - 90 USD per month (70% discount)

Customers living at Royal Beach will get a discounted rate on beach usage and storage. Paid at any location the service charge will allow you to use both kite spots.

Kite station rooms

Timba Lounge rooms


Payment methods

We accept cash USD, Euro or Egyptian pounds

Visa or Mastercard

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