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Barashki Giong

Attention all TON wallet holders!

Playkite is launching a new game this summer (starting June 1st)!

We will be sending our BG (Barashki Going) tokens, which are always equal to one US dollar at the Playkite station, to your Telegram wallets. This will be 10% of your spending on kite lessons, rentals, or accommodation, and we will also accept them as payment!

What can you do with your BG tokens?

  • Keep them in your wallet

  • Send them to friends

  • Exchange them with others through our Telegram chat (

  • Use them at the Playkite station at a 1:1 rate to the dollar

Here are some ideas for how to use your BG tokens:

  • Save up for a kite lesson to give to a friend

  • Pay for your accommodation at the station

  • Store your belongings

  • Even buy a new kite and board

The more Barashki Going you have, the more windy days you'll catch!

All BG tokens have already been issued. Administrator rights have been revoked. Just in case, we printed 21 billion. Further issuance and editing of information is impossible (there are a few grammatical errors in the description that cannot be fixed, because it's blockchain).

We will be doing an airdrop to all of our guests who have already been to the station. Please send your non-custodial TON wallet (e.g. Tonkeeper) to us in Telegram at +201205965076. We will send you Barashki Going.

The most advanced users can check the BG address on the website


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