My name is Alexander Vashlyaev.

My professional experience started in 2003 when I came to Egypt and decided to stay here to work and live. The perfect warm, dry and whole year windy climate of this country enables me to work in my favorite field - teaching people how to kite. My style can be described in three words: sharp, friendly and patient :)



Salah El Deeb.


He has been in the kite boarding and windsurfing business for over 20 years. He started to work at the first Monster's station as an assistant and water rescue man. He learned Russian, German and English. He learned and became an expert in kite surfing and windsurfing and then became a professional instructor. He has got all the certificates and licenses for water sports. He is also experienced in solving problems with different Egyptian formal procedures, he is a virtuosic backgammon player, and he is a great cook too.




Creator & administrator of Playkite’s website. Web designer and photographer.

‘Travelling around the world to find my favorite conditions for a perfect kite session - strong wind, flat water + great music in my mp3 player :)

Making photos of somebody's cool tricks is part of my kiting passion.’

website - www.enfondo.com


Mahmoud. Egyptian team leader. 


Mohamed. Beginner lifter and beach manager.


Beach managers Ahmed and Mahmoud 


Mohamed - Super experienced and certified instructor, teaching in english and german


Also giving courses in TOP Cat and windsurfing


Alex - PRO freestyler and PRO high jumper


Calm and sharp


Sergey - difficult beginners teacher


His rich experience gives Sergey the ability to find proper keys to any kite beginner.


Helen - helps us to understand the female point of view in kiteboarding


Young and ambitious. Kite freestyle champion of Ukraine 2016


Boris - soulfull kite instructor


Grew up in the middle of Siberia, which gives him a big and opened heart.



Engaged a variety of sports from childhood: gymnastics, martial arts, skating, biking, snowboarding, motosport.


This person may learn new trick in a week, while other kiters may spend months, or even years. Accumulated knowledge and skills from other sports are very helpful in self-kiting and teaching. Anton would not miss a single detail during teaching process and will help to make first tacks as soon as possible. Student safety is a top priority for Anton. He stays calm in any situation - he knows WHAT to do and HOW. Anton has extensive knowledge about the equipment accumulated during repair of kites, bars, lines. He can tell all - starting from materials, methods of manufacture and repairs to the differences and features of kites models and bars and their functioning principles.


Certified instructor IKO, motobike instructor in the past.

Fast and qualitative progress with this coach is inevitable!




Seriously took up kiteboarding few years ago. As a result cardinally changed "big city life" to life, dedicated to the professional training in kiteboarding. Quiet, serious and focused. The unique combination of professionalism and ability to find common language with people, regardless of gender and nationality.



In life, peaceful and sensible, as well as on the water with a kite, but that does not stop her to do some kiteboarding tricks better than "men". Certified instructor IKO, can work as an instructor on any spot in the world ..



Why she chose Playkite - ask her yourself! Natalia is not only an instructor but also a great expert of kiteboarding equipment. How to repair the kite, fix the lines or bar, seal the bladder? All of these questions Natalia can answer easily. Without a doubt, decoration for severe male staff of Playkite instructors.